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Tennessee Senior Olympics
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Welcome to the 2020 TENNESSEE SENIOR OLYMPICS State Finals

Online Registration System


We are excited that you will be joining us this summer.

Welcome to the 50+ Movement!



Golf:  June 15th and 16th, Fairfield Glade

State Finals:  June 19-25, Williamson County (all sports except golf and pickleball)

Pickleball:  August 7-9, Chattanooga Convention Center

Entry Fees:  (see below.  These do not include user fees such as bowling, golf, timing fees, etc)


May 6:   Early bird fee $60    

3/27/2020 Our board has approved using the early bird fee of $60 for the whole registration period.  There will NOT be a $70 final deadline fee....

Golf: $150 (this fee covers any additional sports)


The schedule and other information can be accessed by viewing each sports page when registering here or by viewing each sport at:


Helpful tips:

  • This is a NEW registration system, Fusesport.  Many of you who have registered for Nationals will be familiar with the process.                                  
  • You will be asked to create a password.  Keep this handy as you may go into your record to make changes until May 15.


  • PARTNER SPORTS:  You will be asked to search the data for your partner.  If not located, please have his or her e-mail address handy as you will be able to send your partner an invite to register.                                                                                   


We do not assign you a partner.  Need a partner?  Please visit http://tnseniorolympics.com/team-finder.html


  •  TEAM SPORTS: Captains will need to create a team and code first in the system.     Please check with your captain for the code needed to join the team.  We do not assign you to a team.  Need a team?  http://tnseniorolympics.com/team-finder.html

TEAM CAPTAINS:  You may invite your players to register by logging in an e-mail for each one.  Have this address handy if interested.


  • SWIMMING and TRACK AND FIELD:    You will need to record your BEST TIME AND DISTANCE.  This is used for placement in heats and flights if needed.       Swimmers who have a USMS card are asked to provide this number (the USMS will not accept results without it).  If you do not have this membership, please place a 0.



  • GOLFERS.   Golfers who participated in a fall district may register first.  All others may register after April 15.  Please check back.


  •  PICKLEBALL, TABLE TENNIS, AND BADMINTON: District place (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) is needed for seeding purposes.  If your DISTRICT did NOT offer these sports, or if you are a new TSO participant, you may place a “0” for the district place. 


  •  Questions regarding online registration?  Please contact the TSO office at 615-200-8760 and leave a message or email info@tnseniorolympics.com and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

COVID-19 Update - March 12, 2020: The Tennessee Senior Olympics is well aware of the global situation and monitoring the situation as we prepare for the Games. At this time, we are hoping that by June the situation will have passed. As we get closer, if it would be in the best interest of our athletes to postpone events to a later date, please know that this will be communicated immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tennessee Senior Olympics